People who feel unsafe in India should be bombed: BJP MLA from Muzaffarnagar

People who do not feel safe but threatened in India should be bombed, according to BJP MLA Vikram Saini. In a 74-second video released by news agency ANI, the lawmaker from Muzaffarnagar is heard saying, “My personal view is that those who say they feel unsafe and threatened in India should be bombed. Give me a ministry and I will bomb all such people, not even one will be spared.”

This is perhaps not for the first time that Saini has made such a statement. In 2017, he had threatened to break the limbs of those who disrespected cows. “I had promised that I will break the hands and legs of those who hesitate in saying ‘Vande Mataram’, those who feel pain in saying ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ and also those who do not consider cow as their mother and kill them,” he said.

Saini had once also said that “irresponsible leaders” had allowed some Muslims to live in India. “During partition, due to them (Muslims), the Hindus are facing problem in the country. If they (Muslims) had not stopped in India, property of crores would be of the Hindus,” Saini had said.

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