Politics of Winter

Showkat Manzoor

Winter is impending, anticipated cold waves of political extravagance are expected to exaggerate and demonstrate a screen play. Stage is all set, script is quite lucid and characters are well equipped for the show. Series of indefinite episodes in name of Mission19 are expected to charm viewers’ attention and will directly be broadcasted from the Televisions’ pompous Republic, pretentious Zee and other showy associates, however pilot versions can already be spotted on social media walls for premieres.

Consensus, I mean Mercury, is expected to dip low and hit inferior levels in all vulnerable zones especially northern and central parts of India. Jammu and Kashmir, a fertile political battle ground is expected, as usual, to record sub-zero temperatures, chilled gusts of wind and intensified repression under governor rule to satiate potential voters’ hunger for promised revocation of Article 370.

Smog on name of Hindutva and belligerent jingoistic nationalism is anticipated to deepen this winter and keep the horizon of central India including the epicenter Uttar Pradesh hazy. Cold wave has stretched early towards the arid Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and subtropical Chhattisgarh where promotional and marketing events for Mission 19 were held but failed to yield expected political dividends by a slight margin. However tropical southern region of country is projected to be insensitive to this cold wave as usual but leadership crisis in states like Tamil Nadu and odious politics and perfidious ways via Sabarimala augments scope for broadcasting these episodes in Tamil and Malayalam as well. However, united by protein-rich food habits, exposure to cold wave through communal polarization in these states seems breaking a hard nut.

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Collectively the winter is going to unsnarl the woolen fabric of woven communal harmony using instruments like Allahabad to Pryagraj, Mandir zaroor Banayenge, other market demanded and time tested methods of instigating communal and caste-based riots alongside a few more on cards. Facing the climate-change originated disasters like demonetization-—a surgery without anesthesia, people have failed to recall the promise of doubling farmers’ income, reducing the prices of food and fuel, restoring the exchange value of the rupee to Rs 40 per US dollar, putting an end to alleged tax-terrorism, achieving double-digit GDP growth rate and so on.

As the harsh of winter marches forth, price of ordinary consumption is riding an upward roller-coaster as usual, but focused petrol prices will subsequently get pintsize down in episodes of gaining instant attention. Even under such excruciating climatic conditions, meddling with affairs of PSUs like ONGC to finance activities in upcoming election market will continue to exhaust its accumulated cash (read coal) reserves and pile up a mountain of debt through unnecessary acquisitions it was forced to make by this regime.

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Mehbooba Mufti, Farooq Abdullah, G a Mir

Moreover, to keep the warmth intact, inclination to corporate masters is about to yield them interim dividends for financing the much hyped Mission 19. Fall witnessed building unsheathed statues-of-unity which are odds-on to tumble upon the transition to jangling winter. But Indian political system is alike oligopolistic market structure and there is good reason to believe that a handful of players shall produce according to the market demand. However, “smart” market participants nullify the palpable need and instead craft demand for their products in market which is the only tactics for success of business as well as politics in India. I wouldn’t be astonished on the success of Mission19; not because it’s a question of what people demanded rather the duplicitous demand crafted to protect ‘indestructibleHindutva.

Now it is utmost duty of cognizant citizens of India to stand together in such terrible times to avoid repetition of outbreaks like Gujrat pogroms and prepare for the approaching winter to derive warmth from others and, in turn, be a source of warmth for them. Every individual mirrors his society and to crush the religious fanaticism, an intensive effort must be geared towards individual enlightenment on the imperative of religious harmony.

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SA Busru. PhD Scholar, Pondicherry University.     

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