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Is there anyone who will sponsor ‘Kashmir Banega Kashmir’?

Politicians are sponsoring for ‘Kashmir Banega Hindustan’
Separatists are sponsoring for ‘Kashmir Banega Pakistan’


Oppression, suppression, depression, trauma, pellet, bullet, fear, anger, and anguish seem to be the only words to describe the beauty of Kashmir. Valley has lost its sheen to the unfinished political settlement that finds its roots in the reservation acknowledgement by the last Governor General of independent India –Lord Mountbatten in the Instrument of Accession that, “…… its wish of my government, as soon as law and order is restored and soil is cleared from invaders, the question of accession to be settled by reference of people….”.


In between “Atootang” and “Jugular vein” valley is struggling for its beauty from the past 69 years. Turning the pages of the history, every page has a story of oppression in the form of killings, suicide, unidentified graves, mass rapes, torture, widows, half widows, orphan, and so on. No other political promise in the world has been so much used, misused and abused by the politicians and others for their vested interests, by deceiving the people with the hope of restoring the actual beauty. In this turmoil of 69 years who actually has lost beauty? The answer seems to be a common Kashmiri.


Leaving behind 90’s, 2008, 2009, 2010, we are living in 2016 where oppression has crossed all ethical and moral barriers. North Pole-South Pole alliance cemented last year has further alienated the people from mainstream. Saffron character in the alliance has forced the people to rethink; as BJP led government at centre seems to have a communal bias against minorities especially Muslims. PDP at this juncture seems to be in a fix, as day by day, they are losing their ground owing to unholy alliance.


To this political chaos and confusion, another jolt aided by the killing of popular and loved H.M Commander Burhan Muzaffarwani- the poster boy, twisted the knife and ball went into the court of separatists. The alienation after his death, took a physical course in the form of protests, hartals, bands, and stone pelting. The anger has turned the roads and streets of the valley red, taking the civilian death toll to 70, with around 10,000 injured including security forces, and lethal pellets leaving 100’s of youth blind, to ever see the beauty of Kashmir. The Hurriyat find it opportunistic time to issue protest calendar, in order to appease their master. 49 days of complete curfew has paralyzed the common people, with patients facing short of medicines, and students facing mental trauma, and depression. Mehbooba led government failed on all fronts to handle the crisis. Instead of acting as a mature administrator, she turned “Baaje” to “Rudali” and left the Kashmir valley at the gehenna of centre.

Everyone pitying the loss of lives on the streets of valley, for the fault which is not of their own. Now the question is if everyone has so much empathy why it’s not changing anything at ground zero. Mehbooba’s delay in approaching PM Modi to talk on the crisis provides opportunity to opposition to act more swiftly and made PM to look through political prism toward the crises, with acknowledgement from him that development alone is not enough. General Hooda’s comment on crises that separatists have a role to play was followed by the positive pat from people. But ruling Mehbooba despite regret and condemnation, at the highest ladder of arrogance. On one hand Mehbooba’s 5% comment added fuel to fire, along with Home Ministers love for Kashmir in the form of BSF and CRPF packages. On the other hand Education Minister’s schools start admitting BSF personals, as they are going to face exams on time. At this juncture if there is anyone worthy of praise are doctors, who had put their blood and sweet together to save the precious lives from both ends. For this selfless service to the mankind they have landed in a battlefield, where they are abused, harassed and maltreated and same is case with media personals.

In this world of third generation rights, it seems to be appropriate time to allow the people of this state to decide their future. And the restoration of beauty will perfume the whole sub-continent with peace, love and affection. A lasting solution to the crisis to a great extent requires Indian and Pakistan goodwill, leadership and constraint. Clearly powerful domestic forces within the two states have made a settlement difficult. It is not unlikely that either Indian or Pakistan could yet opt for war as a means of achieving a final settlement.

(The writer is a student of law, Central University of Kashmir. She can be reached at:

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