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This Kashmiri poet tells why he is not Indian like other Kashmiris

‘I cannot drink water, it is mingled with blood’

Kashmir issue continues to dominate Indian TV shows. The annual casualty rate is chillingly high. At least 150,000 people have been killed since insurgency began in 1989, according to conservative official estimates.

Unofficial estimates are well over 80,000-half of them are civilians. Even after 69 years, Kashmir conflict continues to be unresolved.

The lingering dispute is now becoming a threat to the world peace as the Kashmir continues to remain the flashpoint between two heavily armed nuclear neighbours-India and Pakistan.

Both countries have fought wars on three occasions over Kashmir and the possibility of war between the two countries has become frightening given their nuclear weapon capability.

Kashmir is a disputed territory and that it is merely providing moral and diplomatic support for an indigenous freedom struggle in Kashmir. A large number of Kashmiris do not believe that the 1947 accession is final; they insist that Kashmir is a disputed territory and demand self-determination.

Anonymous Kashmiri poet sums up the story

“I cannot drink water

It is mingled with the blood of young men who have died up in the mountains.

I cannot look at the sky; It is no longer blue; but painted red.

I cannot listen to the roar of the gushing stream

It reminds me of a wailing mother next to the bullet-ridden body of her only son.

I cannot listen to the thunder of the clouds It reminds me of a bomb blast.

I feel the green of my garden has faded Perhaps it too mourns.

I feel the sparrow and cuckoo are silent Perhaps they too are sad.”

Why are we anti-India?

I am not an Indian. This identity is being forced upon me. We are under the military occupation of India. We see heinous crimes committed by India every day in Kashmir. And Indian army has a licence (AFSPA) to kill Kashmiris. Why do I have to show my identity card to someone who is not even from my homeland?

The biggest problem is you people are kept away from the facts.

People are again on streets against the killing of militant leader Burhan Wani. During the spontaneous protests, 39 people have been killed, over 2000 injured, curfew has been imposed and Kashmir continues to boil.

On every street troopers are spread with guns hanging on their shoulders. When people are protesting against the death of these innocents, we are showered with bullets.

Now Give me a 100 reasons to love India, I will give you a million to hate it, every Kashmiri will.

We are against Indian government and armed forces, not Indian people.

Wahid Bhat is Journalist based in Kashmir. He can be reached at E-mail:

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