Masjids, Madrasas not propagating real Islam in Kashmir: BJP youth leader

SRINAGAR, JUNE 12 (PTK): Hours after two Jammu and Kashmir policemen were killed and six security personnel were injured in twin pre-dawn attacks, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Youth Morcha leader, Aijaz Hussain put out a scathing post on Facebook.


In his post, Hussain wrote, “If killing innocent people is jihad, better change molvis of masjids & teachers in madrasas. we need introspection, real Islam is not been taught rightly in masjids and madrasas.”


Hussain, the national vice president of the BJYM, while talking to Press Trust of Kashmir stated that he stood by his statement on Facebook and that being a Kashmiri, he was concerned about the situation in the region. He said, “We should introspect whether real Islam is being propagated or not.”


The twin attacks coincided with the Shab-e-Qadr event when special night-long prayers are held in the month of Ramzan.


Aijaz claimed that the maulvies (clerics) are responsible for the widespread militancy in Kashmir. “These maulvies are responsible for 99 per cent of the terrorism in Kashmir. They have misguided the youth of Kashmir,” he said.


“These people are bringing punks as Maulvis. People there (in Kashmir) should know about their agenda,” Aijaz told Press Trust of Kashmir on phone.


Giving the instance of one case in which a woman and her paramour, a cleric, were arrested for murdering her husband in Srinagar, Aijaz asked if clerics are involved in such shameful incidents then who will lead the prayers?

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Er Aijaz Hussain Bharatiya Janata Party’s Youth Morcha leader

Aijaz said, “Policemen in Kashmir are earning to feed their families and militants are killing them. Tell me, is killing people for earning a livelihood jihad”?


Netizens, however, criticised Aijaz for his Facebook post.


“If running down vehicles on an innocent is nationalism. Better give freedom to oppressors,” Faizan Inayati wrote back.


Another Facebook user wrote back “they are truly following real Islam and you want to sell apologetic view of Islam… Take Islam as it is… there is absolutely no scope to edit even a single letter from Quran…” (PTK)

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