DAk aghast over assault of consultant anaesthetist by HDF employee

Srinagar, 10. June(PTK). Doctors Association Kashmir showed strong resentment and lodged a protest when a senior consultant was assaulted and threatened by  a employee working on Hospital Development Fund(HDF) at Sub District Hospital (SDH) Sopore.

Dr Suhail Naik, President DAK said, “it is an ignominy and a new low has been set were our consultant anaesthetist  was abused physically and verbally by a HDF  employee in addition to trying to damage the hospital property. It may not be out of context to say that most of them are henchmen of some politicians and have much higher nuisance value”. And it is very unfortunate that these people are allowed to work in sacred institutions with out prior police and crime verification. Furthermore the services of such ill mannered employees must be terminated at the earliest and that will  serve as a deterrent to those who try to create lawlessness in the hospitals.

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He further said, “due to the nontransferable nature of their job and  appointment in the department without any proper  police or CID verification few of them act as raucous elements in the hospitals and thus are detrimental to the smooth functioning of the health care system”.

DAK stresses upon the concerned authorities that this particular HDF employee should be booked under relevant sections of law for assaulting a on duty doctor and creating nuisance in the surgical theatre.

Furthermore to curtail such alarming  incidents in future every HDF Employee should get a proper verification from Police , Crime Branch and  CID   as is the pre requisite during routine employment(PTK).

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