Interview: Meet the Jammu Kashmir’s bollywood sensation, actress Arjumman

Jammu and Kashmir’s bollywood connection is seen as a romantic history of pre insurgency on the Line of Control. There was a time when this state was the hot destination for the bollywood movies and now is the time when the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti visits Mumbai to urge bollywood film producers and actors to shoot film in Kashmir.This is the outcome of politically disturbed circumstance in the state that has prevailed since decades now.

Worth to mention this turbulence if on the one hand had damaged the beauty of Kashmir, but on the other hand has raised many to sudden fame, like the one in case of controversial Kashmiri teenage girl Zaira Wasim, who played the childhood role of the actress of Dangal movie.

In between there are scores of singers, music artists and actors from the state who remain unsung if they are not lucky enough to find a controversy or political angle to get promotion.

Kashmir Patriot finds a beautiful, sensational and talented girl from Jammu and Kashmir, Arjumman Mughal who starred in bollywood movie ‘Ya Rab’ released in 2014, which is her acting debut.

The movie Ya Rab is to show how Islam has been used as a tool to propagate terrorism. The film focuses on issues where so called self proclaimed Maulanas (Islamic Preachers) misinterpret The Quran and its real meaning to breed terrorists and terrorist activities. Ya Rab is a genuine effort to show the right face of Islam and to guide the misguided on the right path.

Actress Arjumman is the heroin of film “Ya Rab”. She has worked for some commercial ads like Malabar Gold, ICICI Privilege Banking and Hindustan Unilever besides Featured Films, Pazhaniappa Kalloori, (TAMIL) Priya as lead role released in 2010.

Arjumman hails from Nowshera village near line of control in Jammu and Kashmir, She had courage and determination to follow her dream and make them reality.

1990 born Arjumman’s father Mohammad Isahaq Mughal is an ex army officer, while her mother Asiya Mughal, is a home maker. Arjumann completed her schooling in Jammu and Kashmir’s Nowshera village.

To realize her dream at the age of 14 she moved to Mumbai to pursue a modeling career. She pursued acting course from Actor Prepares and learnt bollywood dance and classical Nathak from Nrityakala farm called Banaras Gharana.

Besides Arjamman represents various top brands of India in ad films, she did 2099 ads including print and commercials till date and still counting.

‘Let’s Talk’ to the sensational Arjumman Mughal about her journey to Bollywood and much more.

KP: Tell us about your family, schooling, and childhood.

AM. I come from a very humble family. My father was in army and my mother is a home maker. I thank my parents for allowing me to do what i wanted to. Whatever you see me today it’s all because of my efforts, determination and focus on my work. Today I feel proud that I’m a well appreciated and versatile artist.

My childhood education was in my village school and later my family moved to Delhi where I completed my secondary education. Thereafter I moved to Mumbai and did my graduation in Mumbai. Also I did full time acting and dance course from Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares institute.

My childhood was the most loving and joyful period. I used to go to the river with my childhood friends for swimming and we used to play in the farms and around the fruit trees. I used to do even farming with my parents – so close to nature.

KP: How you begin dreaming about acting?

AM: When I was a kid I used to think and dream about acting. I always wanted to do something extraordinary and prove myself. I believe everybody is talented. It’s just u need to understand your qualities and its depth. When I realized my hidden talent, I simply focused on nurturing to the fullest extent.

KP: How did you pursue you acting as a career?

AM: I started with modeling so that I can earn myself to survive and struggle without taking a penny from family and becoming burden on anyone in this world. I believe in self pride and dignity. As I’m very much self motivated and independent types person. When I started getting appreciation for my modeling work, I gained huge confidence and started making efforts to act in movies. I got opportunity in south movies like Paliniappa Kalluri, Kunjam Kunjam, Kathabkadlam and Yugam. Then I did my first Hindi film YA RAB.

KP: Any inspirations?

AM:  I like Kajol and Madhuri dixit. While they are very versatile artist, i see lot of similarity in myself like acting in movies, family drama, emotional and romantic themes. I draw lot of inspiration from these artists.

KP: Share your struggle in the chase of your ambition?

AM: I started with modeling with brands like Alukas Jewellers ,Kalyan jewelers Bangalore ,Hindustan Unilever , Videocon Electrolux , ICICI Bank, Ayur cold cream, visa credit card and many brands of China, Singapore, Philippines  and London . Thereafter I got opportunity to act in south movies. And finally I got YA RAB which got me reorganization.

KP: What was your first break and what do you say about that?

AM: My first film was Palaniappa Kalluri – a Tamil film which i got through casting head of Rajshree production.

My first Hindi film was “Ya Rab” where i got a call from the writer of the film and he arranged to meet the director. I was asked to perform some scene to judge my performance. I performed a scene from my Tamil film which he liked and i got selected for the film.

Definitely it takes lot of time, efforts, focus and honesty to succeed in achieving your ambition.

KP: Tell us about you latest movie YaRab and your chemistry with Vikram Singh?

AM: Ya rab story is based on a very hard hitting subject. It was for the people who are blaming Islam for terrorism which is absolutely wrong. The film says a terrorist is not connected with Islam. He is not connected with religion but he is connected with sick minded people. Also jihad does not mean killing innocent people. The film is made for a cause. It says spread peace not war. It supports communal peace in the world. The film was very well appreciated in many countries.

My chemistry with Vikram was wonderful. He is full of life. I loved all my co actors, i believe if you have a good co actor your performance becomes more powerful and good actors always support u in developing a great scene. I love my love everyone including director, and support team too.

KP: What are the new movies your may be doing and plans ahead?

AM:  I’m in the process of reading scripts and meeting some reputed productions and directors. As I’m bit choosy, I want to do performance oriented selective work. As soon as i will finalize the movie, will be happy to share.

KP: How do you see entry of a new entrain in bollywood, how tough it is?

AM:  First of all you need to understand if you are really an artist and you want to completely focus on your work. If you perform well, u will get work. Only looks doesn’t matter. What matters is your talent. Film industry has the best make up, hair and costume designers. They make u look good but you need to have talent. If you have talent and you are good human being and you ask yourself on every step that why you are here. It’s not tough.

KP: Why girls from the Jammu and Kashmir fail to pursue acting as a career?

AM:  Girls from Jammu and Kashmir are beautiful but they are not groomed properly. And somewhere u only lake in self believe and self confidence. If you believe in you, you won’t fail.

KP: What is your message for girls who want to do films like you?

AM:  You need to be very confident, focused and patient. Finally I believe in karma and destiny.

(This interview is reproduced from Archive)

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